Introducing Expert Hospitality Management Services

to the Outdoors

Lifting Outdoor Hospitality Management to New Heights

Our hospitality veterans were among the first to carry proven practices from the hotel management world into the outdoor hospitality space. Now, our full-service hospitality management company leans on proven hotel management techniques and adapts them to the unique needs of RVers, resort guests, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Delivering Management Services That Spark Higher Returns

In the outdoor hospitality industry you need your full-service management team to take an all-hands-on deck approach. That’s exactly how Blue Water operates. We avoid silos and work through problems, across-departments, to deliver the top management services possible. That means bringing together operations, revenue management, and marketing to find the best solutions from all worlds.


To learn more about Blue Water and our full-service hospitality management approach, use the schedule button below and set up a 15-minute call with our Director of Development.

Access Resort and Campground Operations That Support You
No matter how big the operation is, we provide a supportive, hands-on approach. We make frequent property visits, hop on 1-on-1 calls with the property, and deliver the support teams need on the ground to succeed. This local approach helps us drill down into the operation and tackle issues head-on.
Lean on Innovative Revenue Management
We use best-in-class revenue management techniques and proprietary analytics tools to maximize profit. We also partner with regional experts and coordinate with locals to land the best market rates possible. All-the-while, our teams use innovative expense monitoring systems to keep the operation running lean and efficiently. With the perfect combo of proprietary revenue management tools, discipline, and foresight, you’ll have everything you need to boost profit to the max.
Spread the Word with Cutting Edge Marketing
Marketing in the RV and outdoor hospitality world is unique, and it takes pro-level tactics to connect with potential guests. That’s why we dedicate a full, agency-style marketing department to meeting the needs of our partners. Our strategies combine cutting-edge digital techniques and old-school guerilla marketing to match travelers to experiences they’ll cherish for a lifetime. That means properties stay full and guests leave sites giddy.