Blue Water Donates Land to Greenbackville, Virginia Volunteer Fire Department

Blue Water donates to Greenbackville, Virginia fire company

The history of the Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Department can be traced back to January of 1956, when fires on New Year’s Day, then January 30 & 31, prompted a town meeting the following month regarding the necessity of a fire company. Town residents came together to pledge $1,000 for the creation of a town fire company, and temporary officials were elected that same night. The first firehouse was a repurposed old barn, a modest but practical solution to store equipment such as buckets and ladders until the first G.V.F.D. firehouse could be built later that same year.

In addition to the lifesaving services that the G.F.V.D. provides to the community, they also host a variety of events and fundraisers and offer rentals of their Fire Hall. Their famous homemade ice cream is a local favorite since 1959 and sells out fast. Active community involvement in the G.V.F.D.’s events and fundraising is a testament to the lasting impact the fire department has had in the town they serve. The Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Department has devoted 65 years of service to their community, and we are excited to see what opportunities arise for this incredible organization in the years to come.

The GVFD plans to give a portion of the property near the harbor to Accomack County so that they can repair, repave, and provide more parking near the boat ramp so that residents and guests can further enjoy the harbor. This donation puts the future of the community in the hands of its best stewards.

“We greatly appreciate the generosity of Blue Water and their CEO, Todd Burbage,” said Barry Outten, Fire Chief at Greenbackville VFD. “We rely on the generosity of our friends and neighbors, and businesses like Blue Water to keep us operating. These donations go a long way to help the Greenbackville VFD continue to serve the community.”

To learn more about the Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Department, visit their Facebook page. To learn more about Blue Water Gives Back and our philanthropic initiatives, visit our website.

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