Todd Burbage

Todd Burbage of Blue Water Development Corporation shares his father’s enthusiasm for excellence, dedication and caring about community.

Whether it’s a multi-million dollar commercial development project or a local philanthropic endeavor, Todd’s commitment is intense and unwavering.

As the youngest son of Jack Burbage, founder of Blue Water Development, Todd experienced all facets of real estate development. “You don’t know anything until you’ve done the other person’s job,” Jack Burbage has said, and Todd took that to heart.

Todd recalls putting hay in a wastewater facility in West Ocean City, operating heavy equipment and building houses as part of his education and experience. After he worked himself up to a sales position in his father’s company, Todd assisted in the development of three subdivisions, all in West Ocean City.

After many years of work and dedication, Todd is now an owner of Blue Water Development Corporation. In addition to expanding the corporation’s portfolio, Todd is adamant about investing in the communities where Blue Water Development has projects.

Hiring local contractors, using local materials, promoting local businesses — it’s all part of a community investment that works for everyone involved.

“I hope people will see that we’re good stewards and good citizens in the communities we work in. With the campgrounds and the hotels, we partner with local small businesses,” he says. “That’s what we try to with everybody. We try to spread the wealth. Frankly, I’m proud of every single thing we’ve done.”

Todd lives in West Ocean City with his children, Chase and Caroline. He is a member of the board of directors of Taylor Bank. He is also a trustee for the Worcester Preparatory School board of directors, and a past member of the board of directors for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Lower Eastern Shore Program; the Maryland Coastal Bays Program; the Peninsula Regional Medical Center Foundation and the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore.