Blue Water CFO featured in Construction Executive's October Viewpoints Q&A

Construction Executive magazine featured Blue Water Development CFO Rafael “Rafo” Correa in its October Viewpoints Q & A.

When asked “How Do You Establish Trust Among Disparate Teams?”, Correa summed it up with:

Define success and keep it at the forefront: Start every project with clear, simple goals that are easily understood and adopted by all team members. Provide a framework so the team can evaluate the feasibility, roadblocks, etc., and take ownership of them.

Understand individual motivations: Team goals are great, but it’s essential to understand individual goals so they can be linked with project goals. When done effectively, this activity creates alignment and fuels engagement.

Encourage communication: Not everyone will speak up in meetings, but it’s important to solicit individual team member feedback offline. Taking the time to ask what someone thinks, and listening intently to their perspective, is an invitation to build trust. 

Celebrate milestones and recognize effort: Construction projects are comprised of a seemingly endless, often monotonous, series of milestones. When your team knows that you are watching their efforts and reward accomplishment with acknowledgment, trust grows.

See the full October Viewpoints Q & A.
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