Blue Water Donates $75k to YMCA of Northampton County

Blue Water donation to Northhampton YMCA

The opening of Northampton County YMCA, like most community support programs, was not without its challenges. “Northampton is a. one of the smallest in population counties in the commonwealth, and b. one of the poorest.”, said Bruce Bradley, key donor, and volunteer. Despite these odds, $4.5 million was raised in 8 months through a capital campaign to fundraise the cost of construction. An unforeseen challenge came in the form of Covid-19 in March of 2020, bringing about unique complications in construction and planned operations. Everyone involved worked tirelessly, staying the course during this unprecedented time, and the Northampton County YMCA broke ground on construction on August 25, 2020.

Despite all challenges and through perseverance in times of hardship, Northampton County YMCA officially opened its doors to the community on May 29, 2021. The importance of a YMCA on the Eastern Shore of Virginia cannot be overstated. With a high school graduation rate of 24% and a senior population of 28%, there was a crucial need for youth programs, support for aging adults, swim safety, and healthy living access in Northampton County. The Northampton County YMCA meets and exceeds all these needs in the community with 24-hour access, fitness classes, state-of-the-art workout equipment and support, child care, and even virtual membership options. Residents of the area can also utilize the Open Doors Financial Assistance Program to offset the costs of membership so that anyone, regardless of income, can enjoy the wonderful programs that the Y has to offer.

Our team at Blue Water feels honored to be involved in supporting such a wonderful and vital addition to the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We look forward to being a part of continued growth and prosperity in this charming stretch of paradise, from the Chesapeake Bay to the shores of the Atlantic where so many of us work, live, and play. Our founders, Jack and Todd Burbage, are committed to continual service in every community we have a presence in, a commitment that aligns with our values as a company and dedication to service.  

If you are interested in supporting the YMCA of Northampton County, visit their website to learn more. To learn more about Blue Water Gives Back and our philanthropic initiatives, visit our website.

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