About Us

“Growing up, we never ever went on vacation. Ever. We didn’t get one, as a family. It’s hard to get over.” To this very day, that memory from his childhood visibly upsets Jack Burbage. So when he became a father, he made certain to share with his two sons the luxuries he and his sister had been denied. “I took them every year, just the boys and myself. Invariably, we’d go on vacation. Every single year.” And now, as CEO of Blue Water Development Corporation, Burbage and his sons are doing the same for other families — creating experiences that nurture relationships, and memories to last a lifetime.

“Virtually, everything we have is waterfront” Todd Burbage says of the company’s expanding portfolio, which includes three upscale campgrounds, three hotels and various other water-related ventures in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. “That’s why everybody’s here, that’s why they come to the beach. That’s why they leave the cities and come down here, because of access to the water and pristine nature of the area. Think Bahamas vacation, but without the excessive money or miles. We want, on U.S. soil, to be the Sandals or the Carnival Cruise line of local communities. We want people to have an affordable vacation, explore the area around them, and have as much fun as they can have. We want a quality, family-oriented and affordable vacation opportunity for people.”